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You’re An Angel

You’re an Angel that nobody can see,
Still an Angel is what you are to me
An angel from heaven is what you are
In my sky you’re definably a heavenly star

You’re an angel with beauty & grace
You’re kind & sweet, you have an angel face
You have very graceful angel wings
Happiness and joy are just some things
that an angel can give

In my heart & mind is where you’re living
You have hair as soft as the white clouds
A guardian angel is what Ive gotten.
Your eyes are like sapphires that shine bright.
When everything is dark, you give me light.

You’re an angel that gives me a reason to live,
You’re an angel that teaches me to give.
You’re an angel that teaches me the right things to say.
You’re my angel & Ill always care.
You’re my angel & you know Ill always be there.

Written by – Richard Mr.Wofe Thompsom, Jamaica


I’ve been loving you for so long
I’ve been dreaming of you all night long
I keep telling myself some other time
Maybe you will be mine

I keep asking myself why
Just because of this damn love I cry
And now I have to let you fly
Even if it means I’m going to die

I love you that’s true
I want to be with you yes I do
I want to feel being loved by you
But that’s just a dream that wont come true

Now my love it’s time to say goodbye
I promise you will never see me cry
But before I let you go
I just want to say I love you so..

I’m Sorry

You’re going through a tough time,
and “I’m sorry” just isn’t enough
to express the way i feel.

But maybe if i told you
I believe in you
and i know your strengths
and i know you’ll be okay,
it’ll help you see yourself
the way i see you…

Angel Whispers.

As I face myself through teary eyes
I don’t recognize my reflection
A shadow of my former self
I see a fraud, a coward a sad soul
Too ashamed to seek guidance
And always thinking I’m not good enough.

As I stand alone unsure what to do
I hear a sweet whisper in my ear,
Saying “Stay strong, have faith
I will guide you and protect you”
As I turn around to catch a glimpse
I see brightness but was oh so brief,

There was a comfort in this whisper
My spirits lifted, soaring so high

As I lay down and close my eyes
I feel relaxed and calm,
I drifted off.

In my dream I awoke
There stood the angel that I hoped
Once again I hear a whisper
Saying “I’m here to give you hope
And stand by your side”

Game On Trap

My mind began to wander
I drifted in and out
I’d like to think that
There’s still a soft side
Behind those icy words of yours
What does your act constitute anyway
That scrolded down to hinting games
You seemed to be getting so stressed
And it sound like
You are obssessed with it
But there’s nothing like
The peace of mind
I am my own person
For what and who i am
Not by any means suffer
A similar obssessed and fear like yours
As i feel sorry for you
I knew it all along
That there is definitely
Much more to life than
To play your game on trap.

I Gift You Your Angel

It was some seven and a half years back,
I met a good girl and we became good friends,
But that good friendship and her dormant love now I lack;
And now, even my faintest shadow she hates!

So man, you’ll no more have to wait out the door,
Cos’ I won’t love her any more,
For now I know what is truly true…
That you love her and she wants you…

Come on man; get back to your old road along the coast,
Re-step into the beautiful world you’ve always loved the most,
Rain will shower on both of you and wash off all your pains,
And I’ll stand by your side and towel off all the toxic rains!

I gift you your love, I return you your Angel,
Just be a good man, and she’ll be ever happy and well…!

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